Andrew is an actor and multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for musical theatre and all things entertainment. He grew up backstage in the theaters of the San Fernando Valley. Over the years Andrew has performed at every opportunity, acting, singing, and writing/playing for various bands. He holds a BFA from Hofstra University in New York.


"Andrew Huber and Leeav Sofer... are so talented and work so well together that you sometimes wonder if it's possible for so much creativity to exist in two human beings..."
- Bitter Lemons

"Huber also plays his role with complete honesty... His translation to picking up Edward's uncanny brilliance with storytelling in the end is touching and nicely subtle." 
- Broadway World

"...the adult Will, played by Andrew Huber, also has an awesome First-Act solo turn titled 'Stranger' which Huber stunningly delivers."
- Buck-ing Trends